Parental Involvement


At First Class Child Development Center, we strive to provide parents a relaxed environment where they feel comfortable communicating with staff and feel a part of the program we provide for their child. Children benefit most from a program if parents and staff communicate regularly in both conferences and informal daily conversation. By working together, we can respond to the individual needs of your child.

You are welcome at anytime to visit our school, speak with your child or your child’s teacher over the phone, participate in your child’s classroom, join us for field trips, and share your skills and talents with us.

We encourage you to feel a part of the school by getting involved with our parent programs. As a service to our parents, we publish a monthly newsletter that focuses on center activities and items of concern to our families relative to learning, health, nutrition, and parenting skills. In addition, First Class Child Development Center will offer parenting workshops and host special “family” events such as luncheons, music programs, and parties.

Informal items and notices of upcoming events are posted at the front doors to help keep you up-to-date on school happenings and items which may be of interest to you.

We want parents to feel relaxed in our environment and feel comfortable communicating openly and freely with staff. You will be given many opportunities to become actively involved in our program. We want you to leave the school each morning feeling secure and confident with your selection of our school.


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